Costa Teguise, Las Cucharas beach. WEBCAM

Las Cucharas beach,
Costa Teguise. WEBCAM

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La Playa de Las Cucharas, located in Costa Teguise, east of the island of Lanzarote, is the main beach of the locality. With a length of 650 meters and white sand, it is an ideal place for the initiation or practice of dive and windsurf.

The beach of Las Cucharas is surrounded by hotel complexes and bordered by the Avenidas Blancas, which offer the tourist a charming area for the enjoyment of outdoor exercise, as well as the best typical gastronomy of the area.

Costa Teguise has other beaches such as: Los Charcos, El Jablillo, Bastian, El Ancla, Ensenada de Las Caletas y Barlovento, with its famous beached ship «Telamón» worth seeing if you’re visiting.

The ship Telamon, ran aground on Lanzarote Reef in 1981 because of a water leak that occurred during its voyage from San Pedro (Ivory Coast) to Thessalonika (Greece).

The open waterway flooded some important rooms of the ship very quickly, so the captain was forced to call for help on the island of Lanzarote due to the possibility of the ship sinking and the fear that the crew would suffer the consequences.

The rescue was not feasible due to the amount of water that had already entered the ship Telamon.

The Telamón was finally left at the height of Las Caletas, in front of the fuel tanks of the company DISA, with the aim that the ship ran aground on the sand in the bay of Los Mármoles.

The manoeuvre was complex and was carried out cautiously.

Leaving aside the Telamón, we highlight that La Playa de Las Cucharas Costa Teguise, Lanzarote, is an urban beach of white sands, it is an ideal beach for families with children, as the beach has a pedal boat rental service and there are areas reserved for initiation in the practice of different water activities such as diving, windsurfing and surfing.

Fun is guaranteed for the whole family, it is the most visited beach in Costa Teguise.

Around the beach there is also an avenue perfect for long walks and enjoy the views.

You can also find bars and shops where you can have a drink and take a souvenir of Lanzarote. The quieter area and less waves is the north area, as there are breakwaters that protect the waves, especially if you come with small children.

It should also be noted that every year in June on the beach of Las Cucharas takes place the event of The Windsurfing World Championship PWA Costa Teguise – La Santa Surf. A spectacle not to be missed if you’re in the area.

The beach has parking, showers, signage, lifeguards and as we mentioned before, has a wide range of bars where you can try the local and exquisite cuisine, as well as a shopping area.

Enjoy the views live, through our Live Camera and discover how is the weather at La Playa Las Cucharas, located in Costa Teguise,east of the island of Lanzarote.

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