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Lanzarote International Airport,
Arrecife. WEBCAM

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In the 1930s the need for an airport on the island to connect it with the other islands and the mainland became evident. Subsequently, an airfield was built at Llanos de Gaucimeta and the first aircraft to land at the airport was a Junkers Ju 52 EC-DAM: it was on July 24, 1941.

The Spanish Air Force soon realized that a fixed airport was necessary for defensive tasks and this was built in Arrecife. In 1946, the airport temporarily accepted civilian flights as well and passenger facilities were increased, including a lengthening of the runway and an additional ramp.

A new terminal with a control centre was subsequently built and international and domestic flights began departing and landing on 3 March 1970. The increase in traffic at the airport necessitated the installation of some new flight instruments: Distance Measuring Equipment (DME), Instrument Landing System (ILS) and VHF Omnidirectional Range (VOR) were installed on runway 03/21. In addition, the runway lighting was renewed and a fire station was built.

A new terminal (Terminal 1) was built in 1999 with capacity for 6 million passengers a year. Since then, the old terminal has been renovated and converted into Terminal 2, dedicated to flights between the islands and the mainland.

Currently, the airport has a considerable number (over thirty) of check-in desks. Inside the boarding area, there is a VIP lounge and numerous duty-free shops. While in the baggage hall, on arrival, there is only a cigarette shop.

In 2002, in response to the growing interest of passengers and island residents in Lanzarote’s aviation history, Aena decided to use the Guacimeta terminal as an aviation museum. The museum offers a simple and detailed overview of the history of aviation on the island. There are numerous audiovisual presentations. It is open from 10 am to 2 pm every day except Monday, and can be visited. Parking facilities are available.

Enjoy live displays and aircraft landings at Lanzarote Airport via the Live Cam and find out what the weather is like in Arrecife, east of the island of Lanzarote.

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