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Lanzarote Airport

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Embark on a virtual journey and experience live the hustle and bustle of the Arrecife International Airport. Watch planes ascend and descend in the heart of the Canary Islands and feel the excitement of travel without leaving your home. Our webcam provides you with a window to the world of Lanzarote, allowing you to plan your visit and check the weather live.

Arrecife, with its rich aeronautical history dating back to the 1930s, has transformed into a vibrant tourist center. Our webcam captures the essence of this transformation, showcasing not only the airport but also the culture and history that surround it. Explore the Gaucimeta Aviation Museum, open from 10 am to 2 pm, to immerse yourself in the island’s aviation legacy.

With over thirty check-in counters and a wide range of duty-free shops, Lanzarote Airport is designed to enhance your travel experience. Through our webcam, observe the efficiency and convenience offered by the terminal, including the exclusive VIP lounge and parking options.

Connect with Lanzarote instantly. Our webcam brings you live weather and the dynamism of the Arrecife Airport. Don’t miss the aerial displays and landings that we capture, providing you with an authentic and thrilling experience. It’s like being in the terminal!



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