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Mogán, Beach of Cura

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Discover Playa del Cura in Gran Canaria: A Paradise on Webcam

Welcome to the hidden charm of Gran Canaria, the vibrant Playa del Cura, a treasure within Mogán. View this island jewel in real-time through our webcam and immerse yourself in a unique experience that combines the serenity of its coves with tourist comfort.

Tourist Attractions and Local Culture

Playa de Los Frailes, Playa de Medio Almud, and Playa de Tiritaña are just the beginning of your adventure. Each, with its characteristic black sand and crystal-clear waters, offers a perfect retreat for families and water sports enthusiasts. Discover the rich culture of Mogán, its festive events, and its history by navigating through our live webcams.



Accommodation and Entertainment

Playa del Cura is the ideal destination for all types of travelers. With a wide range of hotels and apartments, and an accessible shopping center, we guarantee a comfortable and entertaining stay. Explore the gastronomic and leisure options along the beach, vividly captured by our webcam.

Access and Connectivity

Whether by road or urban transport, access to Playa del Cura is simple and direct. Follow the GC-1 or take line 91 to reach this paradise. And if you want more, the nearby Playa de Taurito and Puerto de Mogán await discovery, as visible and lively as through our live webcam.

Live Webcam: The Weather in Playa del Cura

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the weather in real-time with CanariasLife Webcams. Contemplate the current conditions and plan your visit to make the most of this paradise corner of Gran Canaria. Our live webcam invites you to be part of Playa del Cura, no matter where in the world you are.

Playa del Cura, Gran Canaria webcam