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Discover Playa de Mogán: A Charm in Gran Canaria

If you are looking for the perfect destination with the best beaches, Playa de Mogán in Gran Canaria is the ideal choice. With 19 dreamy beaches adorning the southern coast, Playa de Mogán offers diversity that caters to every desire, from tranquility to animation, always under a stable and welcoming climate.

The Picturesque Port of Mogán

The picturesque Port of Mogán, known as «Little Venice,» combines the beauty of a fishing village with the functionality of a marina and a golden sand beach. Ideal for families and snorkeling enthusiasts, its calm and crystal-clear waters are a sanctuary for marine life, while beach services ensure a comfortable and safe stay.


Life and Leisure in Port of Mogán

Stroll through the canals and bridges that give Port of Mogán its nickname, and let yourself be enveloped by its relaxing atmosphere. Explore shops and savor fresh fish in local restaurants. Take advantage of excellent road connectivity and public transportation, with parking lots and taxi and bus stops at your disposal.

Live Webcams: Your Window to Mogán

Connect with CanariasLife Webcams and experience Port of Mogán from the comfort of your home. Our live webcam provides you with a privileged view and keeps you updated on the live weather in this paradise corner of Gran Canaria. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy these views in real time and plan your next getaway with the best information at your fingertips.

Playa de Mogán, Gran Canaria webcam