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Las Canteras, Grande beach
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Discover Las Canteras Beach, a Paradise for Snorkeling and Relaxation

Las Canteras Beach, located in the heart of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is globally recognized for its beauty and optimal conditions for snorkeling. The Playa Grande, in the northern part of Las Canteras arch, offers a unique experience with its diverse seabed and gentle waves, perfect for all ages. With live webcams, tourists can explore the wonders of this beach in real-time before immersing themselves in its welcoming atmosphere.

Tourist Attractions and Local Culture

Along the Las Canteras Promenade, you will discover iconic spaces such as La Puntilla and Poeta Saulo Torón squares, enhancing the rich local culture. Don’t miss the sand sculptures and enjoy Canarian cuisine at the numerous bars and restaurants lining the beach, all under the watchful eye of our live webcam.


Certifications and Environmental Commitment

Las Canteras Beach and Playa Grande stand out not only for their beauty but also for their commitment to the environment, being one of the first «smoke-free» beaches and boasting awards such as the Blue Flag and the Q for Tourist Quality. These recognitions ensure a quality and environmentally respectful experience, an added value that you can verify through our live webcam.

Accessibility and Nightlife

With adapted access for people with reduced mobility and services such as parking, showers, and changing rooms, Playa Grande is accessible to all. Additionally, as night falls, the area transforms, offering a vibrant nightlife visible also through our webcam, capturing the unique atmosphere of this live beach.

Live camera at Playa Grande in Las Canteras | Las Palmas