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The original beach, which received the names Tras la Arena and Las Teresas, among others, was filled with sand brought from the Sahara desert in order to extend its extension, and a breakwater dyke was also built to avoid waves.

Webcam Live Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Teresitas beach, live. Between 22 m and 60 m is the step. As for the relief, there are large rocks scattered, visible even on the surface, under water, and without eye protection.

By means of a project carried out by the architect Dominique Perrault, the aim was to completely remodel and restructure the front of the beach, from the limits of the current gully of the Cercado de San Andrés to the jetty at the end of the beach.

In addition, the surroundings of the beach would be rehabilitated, channeling the gullies of the Cercado and Las Huertas, creating a bridge that would cross the new channel and new connections with future interventions to be made.

It was planned to build a hotel in the old military battery of San Andres, a possible sports area on the other side of the ravine and improve the road network linking the core of the upper Anaga with San Andres and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Dominique Perrault's original project also included an open-air amphitheatre, small kiosks and pavilions dedicated to catering throughout the beach, service booths and a car park building and commercial stores.