Punta del Hidalgo, S.Cristóbal de La Laguna.


The best natural pools in Tenerife

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In the north east of Tenerife, between the green of the mountains of Anaga and the blue of the ocean, are the villages of Low tide and Punta del Hidalgo.

Despite the fact that both towns constitute important tourist centres within the municipality of La Laguna, they have managed to preserve the tranquillity and charm of the small coastal villages, where agriculture and fishing continue to be significant elements of their economy and culture.

The landscape of this area is accompanied by the stability of a spring-like climate, with an annual average temperature of 21 degrees celsius, invites you to enjoy the outdoor activities and the sea. Not to mention the hiking trails that start from any of them and they are entered in the Anaga Rural Park.

We can say without any doubt that The Punta del Hidalgo, more popularly known as The Tip, is one of the places that the more visits you receive from the coast of San Cristóbal de La Laguna. These wonderful natural swimming pools are equipped with the Blue Flag, which guarantees an excellent state of the waters and of the quality of the services.

These natural pools that receive water directly from the sea, are perfectly equipped for swimming and they are also equipped with surveillance, public showers, and access adapted for people with reduced mobility.

If you come to Tenerife, or simply you've never visited The Tip above, come and stroll through its beautiful coastline, enjoying the amazing views it offers of the ocean with the Teide in the background, a postcard you'll never forget.

The Punta del Hidalgo with many bars and restaurants with a wide menu where taste the typical gastronomy of the area, with the best fresh fish.

It should be noted that this zone is constituted by a broad showcase, in which coexist in a limited space, a huge variety of landscapes. From the coast to the summit, you can find: puddles, rocks, arid zones and forests ever green.

The interior of the villages provides us with intimate corners that speak to us of his constant evolution and remind us of the memorable characters of the area. As for example the square of Sebastian Ramos, the hermitages of San Juanito and Carmen in Punta del Hidalgo, and the hermitages of the Great Power of God and St. John, at low Tide, are some of these places of visit totally recommended.

Enjoy live views from our live Camera and discover how is the weather in The Punta Hidalgolocated in the area coastal town of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, in Tenerife.