Webcam Puerto de La Cruz, Martiánez beach

It is one of the most characteristic of the island

Made of black sand and calluses, is about 350 meters long and an average width of 40 meters.

This is a specific area for surfing and used for paragliders landings. If you want to take a bath you must be careful as it usually has waves.

Undoubtedly, an idyllic place to stroll along the Avenida Cristóbal Colón, where you will find many bars and restaurants with live music, portraits, cartoonists, juggling, and so on.

In the background you can see Lake Martiánez.

The beach can be reached by the Carretera del Este [TF-31], which has a false tunnel with elliptical windows; or by the Carretera del Botánico [TF-312].