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The company Nostramo S.L. Tenerife Dolphin

Puts at your disposal the catamaran with underwater vision "Royal Dolphin" to visit the Special Conservation Zone (ZEC), to enjoy the geographical environment and the cetaceans in their natural habitat.

The company is adhered to the quality and sustainability charts in the activity of whale watching Tourism of Tenerife in addition, the boat has the distinctive Blue Flag, indicating that it is authorized to make the observation of cetaceans.

The boat has a total capacity of 222 passengers, specifically 109 on the main deck, where it is possible to enjoy the bar, souvenir shop and other services, 113 outside, with the possibility of enjoying the views and 26 passengers at the bottom of the boat where you can observe marine life through the 9 panoramic windows that have the two compartments.

This guarantees excellent conditions to observe the marine fauna.

The boat has a specialized crew and guide who are at your service at all times. Dolphin and whale watching with the Royal Dolphin.