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Lake Martiánez is an oasis nestled along the Atlantic coastline

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Crater fountain of a volcano in Lake Martianez

Exploring the Beauty of Lake Martiánez in Puerto de la Cruz

Discover the natural beauty of Puerto de la Cruz through the live webcam from CanariasLife, which transports you to the coastal paradise of Lake Martiánez. This spectacular complex of artificial pools, designed by the renowned architect César Manrique, is located on the northern coast of Tenerife island, in the heart of the Canary Islands. This spot is a testament to the artistic vision and cultural richness of this region.

A Jewel of Harmony between the Lake and the Atlantic Ocean

The crystal-clear waters of Lake Martiánez harmoniously blend with the Atlantic Ocean, creating a tranquil and rejuvenating atmosphere for visitors. This internationally renowned monument is a tribute to the history and culture of the Canary Islands, where the pools surround a replica of the San Felipe Castle Fort. Additionally, the landscape design incorporates sculptures and lush gardens that reflect the local heritage.

Contemplate the Panoramic Views from Our Live Camera

From this live camera, you can contemplate not only the lake and its pools but also the picturesque surroundings of Puerto de la Cruz. Plaza del Charco, located just a few steps away, is a lively meeting point where visitors can enjoy local gastronomy and cultural events.

Explore the Surroundings

Nearby, the Botanical Garden and Loro Parque add an additional touch of natural splendor and wildlife. With its history, vibrant culture, and splendid landscapes, Puerto de la Cruz and Lake Martiánez are unparalleled destinations to explore in the Canary Islands.

Fun and Relaxation in a Cultural Setting

Immerse yourself in the local culture while enjoying a day of fun and relaxation at Lake Martiánez. In addition to its breathtaking views and architectural design, the complex offers a variety of activities for all ages. From relaxing in the pools to exploring exotic gardens, there is something for everyone.

An Experience You Can’t Miss

If you are planning to visit Puerto de la Cruz or simply wish to virtually explore this charming destination, our live camera offers you a window to the wonder of Lake Martiánez. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and rich culture of the Canary Islands from the comfort of your home. We invite you to discover the magic of Lake Martiánez and its surroundings today!



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