Buenavista del Norte WEBCAM, Buenavista Golf

Buenavista Golf, a golf course that makes an impact for its beauty

Buenavista Golf, North Tenerife

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Logo Buenavista Golf
Logo Buenavista Golf
Silueta de la isla de Tenerife con el punto intermitente de la webcam. El Medano, playa la Tejita

In this photo, you can admire this golf course with a truly exceptional setting of sea and mountains.

Buenavista del Norte – A natural paradise in the Canary Islands

Welcome to Buenavista del Norte, an authentic natural paradise in the spectacular Canary Islands. Through our live webcam, we invite you to explore the impressive northern coast of Tenerife from the prestigious Buenavista Golf. This golf course not only offers a challenge for players but also impresses with its extraordinary beauty, combining the majesty of the ocean with modern architecture that blends perfectly into the natural surroundings.

Panoramic view and real-time weather

From our live camera, enjoy panoramic views of lush green landscapes and carefully designed holes. As you follow the games in real-time, you will feel the sea breeze and the warmth of the Canary sun, making your experience unique. Additionally, you can check the real-time weather to plan your outdoor day according to current weather conditions, ensuring you make the most of your visit to Buenavista del Norte.

History, culture, and local events

Buenavista del Norte is a place brimming with Canarian history and culture. Just a few steps from the golf course is the historic Plaza de los Remedios, with its charming 16th-century church and picturesque cobblestone streets. Immerse yourself in the authenticity of local life and enjoy the hospitality of the people of Buenavista. Additionally, this region is known for its vibrant festivals and events. Don’t miss the Fiesta de San Antonio, where locals celebrate with traditional dances and processions full of color and joy.

Canarian cuisine and unique experience

Food lovers will find Buenavista del Norte the perfect place to delight in delicious Canarian cuisine. Local restaurants serve a variety of typical dishes that will let you savor the essence of the Canary Islands. Buenavista Golf and our live webcam are the perfect window to explore this special part of Tenerife.

Plan your trip and join us for a unique experience of golf and natural beauty. Buenavista del Norte awaits you with its stunning landscapes, rich culture, and delicious cuisine. Don’t wait any longer and discover all that this corner of the Atlantic has to offer!



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