by | May 25, 2019

Tomorrow, May 30, held the! CANARY ISLANDS DAY! Holiday in the autonomous community, where we celebrate the first
session of the Parliament of Canarias, which held a May 30, 1983.

Do you know the? Himno de Canarias? You can check different versions in the official website of the Government of the Canary Islands:
Himno de Canarias
With letter of Benito Cabrera (timple player) and music of Teobaldo Power (composer), it says:

I am the shadow of an almond tree,
I am a volcano, saltpeter and lava.
Spread over seven penalties beats the pulse of my soul.
I am the history and the future,
heart that illuminates the alba
a few islands that dawn
sailing the hope.
Fighters in nobility
scramble the clean ground
This is the beloved land:
My Canary Islands.
As a single be
seals prophesy
a murmur of peace
on the wide sea.

This year is organised by the II. Canary Islands tourism photo contest, with the theme "show to the world the best of our
Islands". The proposed categories are: culture, landscape, and portrait.

How to participate? Share your photo on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #FotoCanaria2019, from 20 to 31 May. You can win
a weekend trip to Canary Island you choose. More information at: www.fotocanaria.com