Santiago Beach, Alajeró in La Gomera. WEBCAM

Village with a seafaring and agricultural flavour

Santiago Beach, Alajeró

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Discover Playa Santiago, the Heart of Alajeró

On the idyllic island of La Gomera, the charming tourist center of Playa Santiago in Alajeró awaits discovery. With a live webcam capturing every sunrise, this gem in the south of the island is a place with a maritime and agricultural flavor that promises unforgettable experiences.

A Rising Tourist Center

Experience the evolution of Playa Santiago through our webcam, where you can observe its transformation from a quiet village to a vibrant destination. Its proximity to the La Gomera Airport, just 10 minutes away, facilitates the arrival of adventurers from Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

Natural and Gastronomic Charms

The live camera shows more than just the weather; it reveals a place where nature and gastronomy meet. The Barranco de Santiago and the crystal-clear waters of its beaches are just the beginning. Enjoy fresh local fish and immerse yourself in the cuisine of an authentic fishing village.

Cultural Attractions and Relaxation

With fewer than 1,100 inhabitants, Playa Santiago offers a tranquil retreat with attractions such as the church of Salvador del Mundo and the hermitage of San Lorenzo. Our live camera invites you to explore these historical treasures and relax on beaches like Erese, all comfortably from your home.

Watch the beauty of Alajeró live and in real time, and when you decide to visit, let us be your eyes in Playa Santiago, La Gomera through our webcam. Your journey begins here!



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