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CanariasLife webcams is a digital window to the beauty of the Canary Islands. Our webcams for tourism promotion are a very powerful marketing tool thanks to the attraction that awakens in people to enjoy the most beautiful corners of our islands with just one click and are the perfect showcase for companies that develop their business in the Canary Islands. We have a state-of-the-art advertising programming system. We can ensure that your ad will appear a minimum number (70) of times daily (from now on impacts) and at the end of each month you will receive a detailed report that shows when these impacts and schedules have occurred.


In 12 5-minute slots every hour of the day.


Max 5 promoters are advertised in each slot.


Any advertising format will be shown on *all the webcams of the portal to increase the reach. We have calculated that the average daily output is at least 70 daily impacts per advertiser.

Esquema Franjas Horarias


(also in animated GIF)

A banner with a direct link to your website. This format is placed over the live images of our webcams. It is a very attractive format because the advertisement can be displayed while watching the streaming of any of our cameras.


(also in animated GIF)

A banner with a direct link to your website. This format is placed at the bottom of the page. The interesting thing about this format is its position, very close to the display of the other webcams and that it does not share hosting with other advertisers, your advertising is displayed 24 hours a day on the camera of your choice.


A video banner ad of about 30 seconds duration with a direct link to your website.

The strong point of this format is that it is shown before the streaming appears and just when the user is more aware of what is being shown on the screen, a 100% effective impact.


One of the new features that we have implemented in our platform, is an interactive map with which users can «navigate» in search of cameras. Your company’s logo will appear in its real location, in the street map, when the user brings the map closer to the area where he/she wants to see a webcam. This is a very interesting option that allows you to promote your business directly in the place where you operate. To increase the visibility of your company, the «pin» of your logo will be larger than that of the cameras and will be identifiable, but we go even further. When clicked, it will display a floating box with your full logo, your company name and a call to action button that will redirect the user to your website or social networks.

The CanariasLife webcams portal is totally free of any advertising derived from Google or other operators.

If you want a higher profitability, we also have at your disposal packages to investment measures. You ask to invest 1000 euros? We elaborate an ad hoc package for this investment, and you will have a space that you can manage dynamically.

We make ad hoc packages such as for example the sale of an entire slot where the client will not have to divide his space with anyone. Then the output will be 5 real minutes every hour.