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Discover the Charm of San Miguel de Abona

San Miguel de Abona, a picturesque municipality in the south of Tenerife, invites you to explore its natural charm and rich heritage. Our live webcam at Amarilla Golf offers you a window into this Canary paradise, where the sun shines all year round, and golden beaches are just the beginning of an live and unforgettable adventure.

Amarilla Golf: Golf and Natural Beauty

Amarilla Golf, an internationally renowned golf course and jewel of the area, is a destination for golf enthusiasts seeking the perfect blend of sport and the spectacular surroundings of Tenerife. Panoramic views of the Atlantic will take your breath away as you play on this championship course designed by the legendary Donald Steel.


Explore Local Culture and History

San Miguel de Abona is much more than golf. Immerse yourself in local culture by exploring the cobbled streets of the old town, where traditional Canarian architecture merges with a welcoming atmosphere. The Plaza de San Miguel, in the heart of the municipality, is a lively meeting point where cafes and restaurants offer local culinary delights. For history enthusiasts, the Monastery of San Antonio de Padua is a must-visit. This 18th-century monastery boasts impressive architecture and a rich religious heritage.

Fun and Local Events

In San Miguel de Abona, the fun never ends. The town’s Carnival is famous throughout the island, with colorful parades and music filling the streets with joy. You can also enjoy exciting water sports on the coast, such as surfing and diving. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this gem of Tenerife through our live webcam. San Miguel de Abona and Amarilla Golf await you, offering natural beauty, culture, and Canary Island fun in one destination. Experience the Canary Islands live!

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