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Puerto de La Cruz, Lago Martiánez.

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Located on Avenida de Cristóbal Colón in Puerto de la Cruz, is the Costa Martiánez, one of the main tourist attractions of the municipality.

Composed of seven seawater pools, gardens, solarium, bars, restaurants, viewpoints and sculptures, is popularly known as the Lago Martiánez, inside and outside the Canary Islands archipelago.

Its construction was divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1 – San Telmo (1957)

Phase 2 – Los Alisios (1967)

Phase 3 – Lago Martiánez (1977).

The engineers J.A. Amigó and J.L. Olcina were in charge of the project, hiring the artist César Manrique.

It was inaugurated in April 1977, with an extension of more than 100,000 m2. It is in 1995 when, Lake Martiánez, is declared Historic Garden within the classifications of BIC.

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Visitors to the complex do not hesitate to say that Lago Martiánez has exceptional facilities. They are of a relevant importance and this has been recognized by prominent personalities of the arts and entertainment.

Lake Martiánez was the setting for Miss Europe 1980 and the central island has been used for multiple dinners and receptions at numerous congresses.

The water of Lake Martiánez is extracted directly from the sea by means of a sophisticated system of pumps and subsequently undergoes treatment and strict bacteriological control.

The frequency of emptying and filling guarantees the highest levels of hygiene and sanitation. The emptying of the lake takes 2 hours and filling the lake takes only 6 hours.

This process of emptying and subsequent filling is done several times a week. It stands out for its spectacular filling of the artificial lake that is done through jets that reach 30 meters high, which becomes a spectacle.

Enjoy the views live, through our Live Camera and discover how is the weather in Lake Martiánez, located in Puerto de La Cruz, in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.