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Beautiful Beach in El Médano, El Cabezo Beach, Canary Islands

In this photo, we see the performances of some surfers at the professional surfers' beach.Welcome to El Cabezo Beach in El Médano, a hidden gem in the Canary Islands. Our live webcam offers you a window to this coastal paradise, where nature and culture intertwine to create a unique experience. Playa El Cabezo is a dream destination for sun, surf, and tranquility enthusiasts.

Relax at Playa El Cabezo

With a length of 240 meters and a width of 80 meters, this stretch of golden sand bathed by the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic invites you to relax and enjoy. Along the coast, you’ll see the majestic Montaña Roja, a geological wonder that tells the island’s story. The Plaza de El Médano, located just steps from the beach, is a vibrant center of local life, where you can taste delicious Canarian cuisine and meet friendly locals.



For Surf Enthusiasts

If you’re a surf enthusiast, this is your paradise. Playa El Cabezo is famous for its strong winds and perfect waves, attracting surfers from around the world. Take advantage of our live webcam to check the sea conditions before hitting the waves.

Explore Culture and History

But the beauty of El Médano goes beyond its beaches and water sports. Explore the island’s history at the Granadilla History Museum, which houses cultural treasures that narrate centuries of tradition. Also, don’t miss the International Kite Festival, an annual event that fills the sky with colors and joy. Come and discover the wonder of El Cabezo. Our live webcam will keep you connected to this paradise corner of the Canary Islands at all times. We hope to see you soon in El Médano!

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