Caleta de Sebo on the island of La Graciosa. WEBCAM

Caleta de Sebo
La Graciosa. WEBCAM

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Discover Caleta de Sebo: A Hidden Paradise on the Island of La Graciosa

The Island of La Graciosa invites adventurers and dreamers to discover its most precious gem, Caleta de Sebo. Since June 2018, this quiet town takes pride in being part of the eighth Canary Island, a destination that promises an escape from civilized bustle. Through the live webcam from CanariasLife, immerse yourself in a unique experience and observe island life in its purest state.

The Charm of Island Life

With only 700 inhabitants, Caleta de Sebo is a haven of tranquility. Here, time seems to stand still, allowing visitors to connect with untouched nature and a local culture rooted in fishing and moderate tourism. The webcam offers a window into the soul of La Graciosa, showcasing its crystal-clear waters and landscapes that inspire unparalleled serenity.


A Destination for Adventurers

For windsurfing enthusiasts, La Graciosa is a hidden paradise. Its constant winds and challenging waves attract athletes from around the world. And for those seeking a more relaxed experience, holiday homes on the island offer the perfect retreat, accessible from Lanzarote with a short ferry ride.

The Simplicity of Authenticity

La Graciosa is a reminder of how beautiful simplicity can be. Without paved roads, its sandy paths and basic infrastructure, such as transporting drinking water by pipeline or tanker truck, reinforce its rustic charm. This island, with its live webcam, not only shares breathtaking views but also the essence of a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with the environment.

Live Camera Caleta de Sebo | Island of La Graciosa