Tijarafe: 360º from El Time viewpoint. WEBCAM

Tijarafe. WEBCAM
viewpoint from El Time

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Discover the Magic of Tijarafe from the Mirador El Time

Embark on a unique experience with the live webcam from the Mirador El Time. This unique location, situated on the picturesque island of La Palma, invites travelers to immerse themselves in an atmosphere where time seems to stand still. The 360º view provided by our webcam captures the vibrant essence of the Atlantic Ocean and the majestic silhouette of the Canary Islands landscapes.

A Breathtaking Landscape

Rising almost 600 meters above sea level, the Mirador El Time stands as a panoramic balcony that gives its visitors breathtaking live views of the Angustias ravine and the Aridane valley. The local culture and rich history of Tijarafe are reflected in every corner, offering a unique tourist experience. Observe through our webcam how nature blends with tradition in this corner of the Canary Islands.


Touristic and Cultural Attractions

The Mirador El Time is not only a natural point of interest but also acts as a window to the local activities and events that adorn the cultural calendar of Tijarafe. From here, the webcam captures unique festivals and traditions that make the visit even more special. The banana plantations, characteristic of the region, unfold before your eyes, inviting you to explore the agricultural essence of the island.

Prepare Your Visit

Before venturing to this renowned viewpoint, check our live webcam to know the live weather and ensure your experience is perfect. Remember that weather conditions can change, so we recommend being prepared to enjoy all the possibilities offered by the Mirador El Time. Don’t forget to check the views on our webcam before heading out to capture the ideal moment and take with you unforgettable memories.

Tijarafe | Mirador El Time