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Discover San Sebastian de la Gomera: Your Live Tourist Destination

Embark on a virtual journey through our live webcam and experience the essence of San Sebastian de la Gomera, the capital of the island pulsating with history and nature. This gem of the Canary Islands, gleaming with culture and traditions, awaits you to reveal its most cherished secrets.

Heritage and Culture in San Sebastian

Stroll through the streets of San Sebastian and feel the magic of its historical heritage. With every step, discover places like the Torre del Conde, a bastion dating back to 1450, standing as a silent witness to the island’s glorious past and its resistance to the challenges of time.


Live Views: The Heart of San Sebastian

Our webcam captures the vibrant life of the port of San Sebastian, the economic nucleus and gateway to this paradise. With a single click, witness the daily hustle, the blue of the sea welcoming travelers, and the promise of adventures waiting in every corner.

Beaches and Relaxation in San Sebastian de la Gomera

If the sea calls you, the beaches of San Sebastian and Playa de la Cueva await you with their volcanic black sand and crystal-clear waters. Enjoy the peace and tranquility that only this corner of the world can offer, all from a bird’s-eye view from our live webcam.

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