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La Cícer beach, Las Canteras
Las Palmas

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webcam playa cicerDiscover La Cícer Beach: Surfing Gem in Las Canteras

The Las Canteras Beach, renowned for its unique sandstone and reefs, creates a magical panorama in the Confital Bay. Through our live webcam, immerse yourself in the charming views of La Cícer Beach, a sanctuary for surf enthusiasts on the island of Gran Canaria.

The Spirit of Surfing at La Cícer

Known for the former CICER power plant, La Cícer is now an iconic meeting point for surfers, thanks to its consistent waves, especially during autumn and winter. La Cícer Beach, formerly known as Arrecife Beach, has been a symbol for surfing and Canarian bodyboarding since the seventies, welcoming all skill levels.



Culture and Gastronomy by the Sea

Las Canteras Beach and La Cícer are not only famous for surfing but also for their vibrant multicultural culture and excellent climate, with an average annual temperature of 20°C. After a day of sun and waves, explore the nearby bars, restaurants, and ice cream shops, and indulge in the local gastronomy with its fresh fish and typical delights.

Amenities and Entertainment at La Cícer

This accessible beach offers facilities for people with reduced mobility, parking, and shower and changing room services. At sunset, enjoy the lively nightlife with terraces, pubs, and restaurants lighting up the avenue. Additionally, our live webcam is installed at Brisa School, a pioneer in bodyboarding courses since 2010, providing a privileged view of real-time weather at La Cícer Beach, Las Canteras.

Live camera at La Cícer Beach in Las Canteras | Las Palmas