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Discover Las Canteras Beach in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Considered one of the best urban beaches in the world, Las Canteras Beach stretches over 3 kilometers of fine golden sand. Enjoy its crystal-clear waters and live a unique experience with our live webcam, allowing you to contemplate the majesty of this paradise in real-time.

A Gem in the Heart of Gran Canaria

Anchored in the vibrant city of Las Palmas, the beach is divided into three main areas: La Puntilla, Playa Grande, and Peña de la Vieja, each offering a unique atmosphere. Our webcam provides captivating views from the central arch, Peña de La Vieja, with the famous Paseo de Las Canteras and the iconic Plaza de la Música in the background.


A Natural and Cultural Treasure

Locals consider it not only a natural but also a cultural treasure. Las Canteras Beach enjoys an idyllic climate year-round, perfect for swimming, water sports such as surfing, and scenic walks. Its seabeds are biodiversity sanctuaries, making every dive an unforgettable adventure.

Canarian Quality and Hospitality

Recognized with the Q for Tourist Quality and the Blue Flag, this beach guarantees a superior quality experience. After a day in the sun, explore the local gastronomic offerings in the numerous nearby establishments. With universal accessibility, enjoy the facilities offered and immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife with our live camera capturing the essence of Las Canteras.

Connect to our Las Canteras webcam and feel the pulse of this Canarian gem from anywhere in the world.

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