Natural swimming  pools La Maceta, La Frontera. WEBCAM

The Natural Pools of La Maceta, located in the municipality of La Frontera on El Hierro island

Natural Swimming Pools

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La Maceta Natural Pools: A Live Natural Spectacle

Discover the hidden charm of El Hierro at the La Maceta natural pools, a coastal gem in the municipality of La Frontera. This dream destination is broadcast live through our live webcam, allowing you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of El Golfo Valley from anywhere in the world. With amenities like parking and recreational area, La Maceta is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the panoramic views offered by the lookout point.

Comfort and Leisure at La Maceta

The natural pools of La Maceta are perfectly equipped for your comfort, with adapted accesses, stairs, and railings that make bathing in these calm waters easy. The area’s infrastructure includes everything from barbecue kitchens to shaded picnic areas, perfect for a day with family or friends. Also, don’t miss the nearby small pebble beach, perfect for sunbathing and taking a dip in crystal-clear waters.

Gastronomy and Local Culture

Enhance your visit with the exquisite gastronomy of El Hierro, tasting fresh fish at nearby restaurants, with spectacular views that complete the experience. The local culture is as rich as its cuisine, with emblematic places like the Chapel of Our Lady of the Kings and the Bascos Viewpoint, must-see stops to understand the history and essence of El Hierro.

Explore La Frontera and Beyond

La Frontera not only offers the La Maceta Natural Pools but also other essential coastal places like Charco Azul and Arenas Blancas Beach. Take advantage of the live broadcast from our webcam to plan your visit and capture real-time weather conditions, ensuring a safe and memorable experience in this Canary paradise.