The reality show created by the users, created for the users.

SpiedLife is VisioRay Entertainment’s ambitious project, born to offer users reality to the nth degree. It differs from classic reality shows for its spontaneity and the absence of a management structure; in fact there is no direction, no script, no directors or supervisors, everything is entrusted to the users. They are the real protagonists, from the public who selects the competitors who express their preference in the casting, to the participants who live their life freely on the webcam, all without rules! Whether you are a VIP, an entrepreneur or a nice lady Maria, there is a channel that represents you and, just as in life everyone is the creator of his or her own destiny, so too in SpiedLife everyone is the creator of his or her own success!


  • The Advantages

If you are looking for notoriety, followers and money fast, SpiedLife is the best thing you can do. If you’re talented, you’ll immediately have a large audience that will follow you, support you and, if you’re nice to them, help you overcome daily challenges.

Will you be able to win over your audience? This way, you will have immediate income from subscriptions and, if you are popular, you will arouse the interest of the best brands that will propose you to promote their items just by using them.


  • What’s in it for me?

Product Placement: these are companies that want to promote their products among their fans, simply by having you use them. You don’t have to change your habits, you have to accept a cash payment to use, for example, the new X brand TV. The protagonists will receive 50% of the

revenue from the product placement.

Subscriptions from location: for each user who subscribes, via their location page, 20% will be recognized, even on future renewals. Subscriptions:

an additional 25% of the revenue from subscriptions will be distributed proportionally among all competitors

proportionally among all competitors, taking into account the number of views of your location and the time users spend there.


  • How it works

Simple, how to put your face to it!

Imagine sharing your apartment with thousands of people. Your fans won’t just be viewers, they will be guests and will be able to interact with your life, help you or get you in trouble, offer advice and inspiration, joke and laugh with you and support you in your difficult decisions.

Small cameras will film your daily life and show it to your audience, you don’t have to change your life but show it to the whole world!


  • Requirements

Do you have artistic ambitions and spend most of your day at home? Or do you share your apartment with nice roommates? You are the right person!
To participate, all you need is a house or a business, characters (family, relatives, friends), an internet connection and a great desire to get involved!


  • How to participate

Participating in SpiedLife is simple and free.
First of all you will have to record (even with your smartphone) a sample video following the instructions we will give you.
Remember that SpiedLife is the reality show by the users for the users? Well, your audition video will be voted by the viewers and, if you have the material to capture their curiosity, you can be part of the protagonists! The editorial staff will contact you to arrange the sending of the webcams and you will be immediately ready to become a celebrity too!


  • Frequently Asked Questions

– What will be introduced in my home?
You will receive the cameras to be installed independently, one of our technicians will assist you by phone in choosing the shots, but no one will enter your home.
– How long does it take?
From a minimum of 2 months to a lifetime, you (and your fans) have the choice!
– Do I have to keep to schedules or spend a lot of time at home?
You don’t have to stay on site but, to make the most of the opportunity, you’ll need to try to spend more time with your fans.
– Can I invite guests?
Yes, they will have to sign the privacy release before being filmed.
– Who can interact with me?
Chat messages only come from profiled fans and you have the power to mute them if you don’t like them.
– Will my address remain private?
Only you can communicate your personal data, we won’t! I am not a technician, how do I get the cameras to work? You will receive a wireless camera kit with brackets from the ground, very easy to install, just connect the power supply to a power outlet. In any case, one of our technicians will provide you with free telephone support at any time.
– Can I temporarily disable the cameras?
Of course, you will have full control, of course the whole point of SpiedLife is to share your life, so do so only if necessary.
– Which rooms in the house should I share with the fans?
The ones you want will be agreed in advance with the editorial staff.