Discover La Gomera: Ecological Gem of the Canary Islands

The beach of San Sebastían de la Gomera as seen from the sea.

Exploring the Nature of La Gomera

La Gomera, the second to last of the Canary Islands, is a small yet rich ecological gem. With its extensive network of trails, it allows the conservation of the environment to blend seamlessly with engaging outdoor activities, attracting a nature and wellness-focused tourism.

The Garajonay National Park, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, stands out with its lush forests of prehistoric vegetation. The island, nicknamed «The Magical Island,» offers a wild coastline with tiny yet fascinating beaches, a true paradise for nature lovers.

In La Gomera, communication has taken place uniquely through the whistle language, a peculiarity that has persisted for centuries, allowing inhabitants to send simple messages across ravines.

Paradisiacal Beaches of La Gomera

La Gomera offers a variety of beaches that captivate visitors. The Playa de San Sebastián, near the historic port of the capital, is one of the best, with its mix of black sand and gravel. Others like Avalos and Calabrito present their own unique beauty, accessible by boat or through steep trails.

The Playa de Santiago, the largest in La Gomera, located in Alajeró, is a must-visit with its almost half a kilometer length and calm waters despite being in a port area. Santa Catalina in Hermigua, surrounded by a green paradise, and other beaches like Playa del Inglés, Arguamul, and Vallehermoso, complete the island’s beach offerings.

Culture and Local Charm

In addition to its natural beauty, La Gomera is rich in culture. Discover the fascinating history of the whistle language and how it has been an integral part of the island’s life. Explore the squares and monuments of San Sebastián de La Gomera, immerse yourself in the authenticity of Playa de Santiago, and marvel at the local architecture in Hermigua.

In La Gomera, every corner tells a story, from the trails of the Garajonay National Park to the tranquil waters of its beaches. Experience the magic of this unique island through our live webcams, transporting you to these paradisiacal places in real-time.