Webcams of La Palma


The island of La Palma is a small island located in the Canary Islands archipelago. It is truly a marvel, endowed with impressive natural landscapes and a clear and starry sky like few in the world. It has the great advantage of having a pleasant temperature during all seasons of the year.

The sea surrounding the island is truly clear and crystalline, making a visit to the beach essential. The most beautiful beaches on the island are found in Los Concajos, an old fishing village turned popular tourist destination, in Puerto Naos, where the beaches are surrounded by thick banana trees that make the landscape very characteristic, and finally in Los Canarios, where the proximity of the volcano gives the thermal waters and beaches their characteristic black color.

There are also historical buildings to visit, especially in Santa Cruz de La Palma. Here you will find the naval ship/museum, which is an exact replica of one of Christopher Columbus’ three caravels. Hiking enthusiasts should not miss the trail between the two volcanoes on the island, recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world. There are also numerous natural parks to visit, where you can find engravings that date back to prehistory and vegetation so vigorous and dense that it will leave you speechless.