Webcams of El Hierro

Perhaps it is due to its pristine territory, its careful environmental management, its splendid natural pools that allow you to immerse yourself in the waters of the Atlantic without risk, or its network of trails that allow hiking or cycling enthusiasts to enjoy the immensity of the ocean.

El Hierro is the smallest of the Canary Islands. El Charco Azul is a natural pool located in the bay of El Golfo, one of the most spectacular places for swimming. Fascinating is the natural pool of Las Calcosas, an excuse to go see a village of volcanic stone houses in the same bay, while the pools of La Caleta, northeast of Valverde, the capital of the island, have perhaps lost the natural look in favor of the convenience of access by stairs.

The natural pools of La Maceta, in the Golfo de La Frontera, are very fun because the edges cannot always contain the waves of the sea, which makes each swim very lively. In El Hierro there are only coves, mostly black sand like Timijraque, or red like El Verodal, where lava flows are still evident, beautiful for the landscape, but not recommended for swimming.

The best place to swim is the crystal clear waters of the La Restinga-Mar de las Calmas Marine Reserve, considered one of the main diving destinations in these latitudes where it is not uncommon to see whales and dolphins. Its symbol is El Sabinar, a juniper bent by the impetuous wind that runs through the southwest plain of the island. In El Hierro, hiking enthusiasts will find a network of trails that will allow them to enjoy magnificent landscapes in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

One of the places not to be missed in the Canary Islands is the Mirador de la Peña, designed by Cèsar Manrique, which is also an architectural gem and one of the most recognized restaurants on the island. The most crowded village on the island is Tamaduste, along the road that connects Valverde with the airport: a bit crowded in the summer months, the rest of the year it is very quiet, like all the villages in the north of El Hierro.