Dolphins and Whales

South Coast of Tenerife                                          ROYAL DELFIN                                 Tenerife south – Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Dolphins and Whales whith the Royal Delfin, a spectacular catamaran with underwater vision, is dedicated to excursions for the sighting of cetaceans on the south coast of Tenerife. It has a large bridge with a TV, as well as 10 underwater cameras with live links to enjoy the live view of the Canary marine wildlife. It also has air conditioning and panoramic windows. You can enjoy the different species that inhabit the crystalline waters of Tenerife such as bottlenose dolphins (bottlenose dolphins), tropical dolphins, spotted dolphins, rugged toothed dolphins, tropical rorquals, striped dolphins, gray whales, sperm whales, etc. Its mooring is in Puerto Colón, on the pier no. 12. Its most popular excursions take place along the coast of Playa de Las Americas, La Caleta, the cliffs of Los Gigantes and the bay of Masca with a duration of 2.3 and 4.5 hours. “Dolphins and Whales”



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