When substantial investments in infrastructure are supported, it is understandable that families and investors demand certainty.

Through our tool, you can take them to visit construction sites directly from your desktop! Think how much time and resources saved and what a comfort to follow the work step by step, for you, who need to ensure quality, continuity and compliance with deadlines, and for your customers, who will realize their dreams brick by brick!

Monitoring the progress of work on large or small construction sites allows, among other things, to ensure continuous construction safety, in real time and with great ease.

Whether your project takes a few months or several years, thanks to Lapse-time HD (time-lapse photo recordings) you can present your construction company to financiers and clients in an innovative way. Immediate project updates and instant dissemination of information anywhere in the world will make the difference.

Live streaming is functional over a common ADSL line or 3G network; our webcams have the lowest power consumption in their category and can be powered by a small solar panel.

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