Santiago del Teide, Puerto de Santiago, La Arena beach

An attractive beach, impeccable and equipped with changing rooms and toilets

La Arena beach, Puerto Santiago

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Silueta de la isla de Tenerife con el punto intermitente de la webcam. El Medano, playa la Tejita

Aerial view of the beautiful La Arena beach with its facilities in Puerto Santiago in the municipality of Santiago del Teide

La Arena Beach – A Paradise in the Canary Islands

Discover La Arena Beach in Santiago del Teide, a hidden gem in the Canary Islands. With our live webcam, you can explore this paradise of black volcanic sand where the sun shines all year round. La Arena Beach is the perfect place for an unforgettable vacation, offering a unique combination of natural beauty and comfort.

Enjoy the Best Facilities

La Arena Beach stands out not only for its stunning landscape but also for its impeccable facilities. From well-maintained changing rooms to a variety of nearby restaurants, everything is designed for you to enjoy your visit with maximum comfort and relaxation. Watch in real-time how visitors enjoy this paradisiacal setting and plan your own trip with all the information at your fingertips.

Los Roques Natural Monument – Volcanic Essence

Besides the beach, Santiago del Teide is a place rich in history and culture. The Los Roques Natural Monument rises majestically on the horizon, a rock formation that captures the volcanic essence of the region. This natural wonder is a testament to Tenerife’s impressive geological origin and a must-see place.

Explore Plaza Santiago and Savor Canary Delicacies

You cannot visit Santiago del Teide without stopping by Plaza Santiago. This charming place offers an authentic local atmosphere, with restaurants serving Canary delicacies like the famous wrinkled potatoes with mojo. Additionally, immerse yourself in local cultural events that celebrate the rich traditions of the Canary Islands. The Santiago del Teide carnival is especially exciting, with music, dance, and colorful costumes that attract visitors from around the world.

Plan Your Trip to Santiago del Teide

Our live webcam at La Arena Beach offers you a direct view of this tropical paradise, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty, local culture, and exciting events of Santiago del Teide. Check the weather in real-time and let this view inspire you to plan your next trip. Experience the magic of this place in person and make your vacation in the Canary Islands truly special!

With CanariasLife Webcams, your window to the beauty of Tenerife is always open. Don’t wait any longer and get ready to discover everything La Arena Beach and Santiago del Teide have to offer you. We are waiting for you!



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