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Masca, Teno Rural Park

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Spectacular image of the last houses in the Masca hamlet, a splendid route to the sea.

The Pirate Charm and Natural Beauty of Teno Rural Park

Masca, a corner of nature with a touch of pirate history, is famous among hikers and photography enthusiasts. The three-hour hike from Masca to the sea offers stunning ocean views and is a unique experience for visitors. This place has bars and restaurants that cater to tired explorers. Book a guided tour to explore the Masca Ravine and Los Gigantes!

The Charm of Masca and Its Challenging Geography

Masca is a unique hamlet in Tenerife, known for its challenging geography and the history of its inhabitants, who built their homes amidst inaccessible cliffs. This is a place where the spirit of the Canary Islands shines brightly. Its location in a beautiful valley and an iconic massive rock make Masca even more special.

Teno Rural Park: Nature at Its Finest

Masca is located in the Teno Rural Park, part of the municipality of Buenavista del Norte. This park offers deep ravines, native vegetation, and impressive views of the Atlantic Ocean. For hiking enthusiasts, the trail leading to the beach is a unique experience. The access road can be challenging, but the natural beauty makes the trip worthwhile.

Live Webcam from Masca

Enjoy live views of Masca through our live webcam. Also, check the current weather in Masca, in the Teno Rural Park, located in the northern part of Tenerife island. Discover the beauty of this Canarian corner from the comfort of your home! Visit our live camera to enjoy views of Masca and its Teno Rural Park in real-time.

Explore Masca: A Journey Through Time and Nature

Masca is not only a natural beauty destination but also a place filled with history. It is said that pirates used its inaccessible cliffs to hide and protect themselves from their pursuers. Today, its cobbled streets and traditional houses offer a glimpse into the past, while the trails winding through the valley invite exploration and adventure.

Hiking and Nature

The hike from Masca to the beach is one of the most popular in Tenerife. This three-hour journey takes you through winding trails, passing deep ravines and offering panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Be sure to wear suitable footwear and carry enough water, as the terrain can be challenging.

Local Gastronomy

After a long hike, visitors can relax in one of the local bars or restaurants. Here, you can enjoy typical Canarian dishes such as gofio, mojo, and fresh fish. The local hospitality and authentic flavors make every meal a memorable experience.

Culture and Tradition

Exploring Masca is like traveling back in time. Its traditional houses, built on the cliffs, and its narrow cobbled streets tell the story of a community that has maintained its roots. Visit the Church of the Immaculate Conception and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Teno Rural Park: A Natural Sanctuary

The Teno Rural Park is a true sanctuary of biodiversity. Here, visitors can find a wide variety of flora and fauna, many of which are endemic to the Canary Islands. The park’s ravines and valleys offer a perfect setting for hiking and nature observation.

Adventure in Los Gigantes

Near Masca are the impressive cliffs of Los Gigantes. These cliffs, rising up to 600 meters above sea level, are a stunning sight and a must-visit for any traveler. Boat tours offer the opportunity to see these natural formations up close and, with a bit of luck, spot dolphins and whales.

Plan Your Visit with the Live Webcam

Before embarking on your adventure to Masca and the Teno Rural Park, check the CanariasLife live webcam. This tool allows you to see real-time weather conditions and activity in the area, ensuring you are prepared for your visit. Whether you are planning a hike, a photography session, or just a quiet getaway, the webcam will help make your experience perfect.

Experience Masca from Home

Even if you can’t visit Masca in person, the live webcam lets you enjoy its stunning views from anywhere in the world. Observe the Masca valley, the majestic cliffs, and the Teno Rural Park in real-time. Immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of this Canarian corner and let its magic inspire you.

Masca and the Teno Rural Park await you with their dazzling landscapes, rich history, and welcoming atmosphere. Explore and enjoy the tranquility and nature in its purest form from wherever you are. Your adventure begins with just a click!



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