Mogán, Taurito Beach in Gran Canaria. WEBCAM

Taurito Beach, a highlight for lovers of water sports and diving

Taurito Beach, Mogán

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Logo Turismo de Mogán

Exploring Taurito Beach

Located on the southern coast of Gran Canaria, Taurito Beach is a true paradise between Puerto de Mogán and Puerto Rico. With its soft fine sand and a wide range of activities, this beach is the perfect destination for those seeking tranquility and fun under the Canarian sun.

Water Entertainment Options

From paddleboat rides to thrilling adventures on jet skis, kayaks, and parasailing, Taurito Beach offers a variety of options to enjoy the water. Scuba diving enthusiasts will also find several diving clubs where they can explore the crystal-clear waters and discover the diverse marine life of the area. For those who prefer a more relaxed experience, spending a day at the nearby water park with slides and extensive sun areas is an excellent choice.

Comfort and Accessibility

Taurito Beach is well-connected with public transportation that connects virtually all the villages in the area. Additionally, there is a taxi stand for added convenience. For those who prefer to drive, there is ample underground parking near the beach, ensuring a worry-free experience. Furthermore, the beach has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag, ensuring impeccable infrastructure and a high level of safety throughout the year. Its accessibility is highlighted, allowing access for people with reduced mobility, and it features a lifeguard service to ensure the safety of bathers.

Discover Taurito from Anywhere

Through CanariasLife webcams, you can enjoy live views of Taurito Beach from anywhere in the world. Watch the weather in real-time in the southwest of Gran Canaria and immerse yourself in the beauty of this charming beach from the comfort of your home. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Taurito and plan your next visit in advance thanks to our live camera. We look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful Taurito Beach in the municipality of Mogán!



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